Hi, I’m Sandwich. I'm pangender; my pronouns are she/any.

I play Genshin Impact and am a certified haver of the following event banner 5-star characters (ordered by date of acquisition):

I currently do not have any plans as to which 5-stars to pull for next in Genshin.

I also play Star Rail and as of now have:

I currently do not have any plans as to which 5-stars to pull for next in Star Rail.

I am a huge fan of the Glaseado Gym Leader, Grusha. And yes, I know he’s a boy — just made me all the more excited about him. But that doesn’t mean I've given up on Clemont!

mi jo e lipu pi toki pona.

.i ti lo jbopapri be mi

And I also speak Spanish and am learning Russian. Wait, why did I start learning Russian in the Year Of Our Lord™ 2022?

And here’s “the world’s shortest Hetalia fic”, a nonsense poem in Latin. (If you haven’t heard the name Hetalia yet and are in dire need of funny fuel for history nerds, I do recommend it.)

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