The world’s shortest Hetalia fic?!

sanwisi badg

Ruthenia adsum jam forte

Britannia aderat

Ruthenia sic in omnibus

Britannia sic in at

And that is the entirety of the text. I got up in the middle of the night before the 31st of August, 2022, to write this. It’s based off of an old Latin class joke involving Caesar and Brutus. It translates:

“I, Russia, am already here by chance / Britain was present / Russia thus in everything / Britain thus in but”

The name Ruthenia being used in Latin to refer to Russia, I’m told, is a rather archaic usage; the 44th element, ruthenium, was named in the 19th century — but in my opinion, this adds the “classical” feeling of a poem written back then. I was told by an acquaintance on Discord to publish this to AO3, but I do not use AO3.